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Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

Are you using Pinterest? Over 70 million people do and it receives more then 2 billion page views a month. So what’s the big deal?

If you haven’t used it or don’t understand what Pinterest is you may ask, “what is pinterest?” And, “What’s the big deal?” Pinterest is a website used to organize information, pictures, and videos that inspire you.

When I started Pinterest I couldn’t understand what the difference between bookmarking a favorite website and the point of this website everyone is falling in love with. Upon, working with it more, I realized that it has a lot of the same features as bookmarking, but expanded. I can follow my friends and see things they like as well as organize my favorite stuff into specific categories called boards. Then, I can comeback to my boards later to read articles when I have more time or when I need to pull up that new recipe I want to try.

For my personal account, I like to keep a board of crafts, stuff I think my little one would like to do, interesting articles on news and current events. I really enjoy finding tips and tricks on cleaning, and making products in my home that are more organic and healthy. I even have a board of quotes for inspiration and one for those days when I just need a laugh. Yes, Pinterest has a category called humor.

Check out the basics for pinterest and learn the lingo here: http://about.pinterest.com/basics/

Repin Heavenly Sweets Pins for inspiration or to bring to us when you're ready to order your cake.

Repin Heavenly Sweets Pins for inspiration or to bring to us when you’re ready to order your cake.

Heavenly Sweets has it’s own Pinterest account that we keep updated with pictures of our cakes, reviews, your wedding stories sent to us by our fans, as well as other cakes that inspire us to come up with new ideas.

Pin our stuff that you like to your boards to remember where you saw it or maybe a cute idea you’d like to have us make for you later.

You can follow us by clicking here

Heavenly Sweets Screen Shot

Heavenly Sweets Screen Shot

For the geek in me, here’s more facts I found interesting.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in a short period of time.

“Pinterest reached 10 million U.S. monthly visitors faster than any other independent site in history, that almost half (48 percent) of Fortune Global 100 companies are on Google+ and that 85 percent of SMBs with a dedicated social media platform reported an increase in their overall market.”*1


Here are some interesting fun facts:

“Pinterest launch date: March 2010 (3 years old)

Total number of Pinterest users: 70 million users

Monthly Pinterest Pageviews: 2.5 billion

Percentage of total Pinterest pins are repins: 80%

Average time spent on Pinterest per visit: 14.2 minutes

Average user time spent on Pinterest per month: 98 minutes

Number of Pinterest users that have connected their accounts to Facebook: 9 million

Number of Pinterest employees: 80+ employees”*2

Pinterest Fun Facts

Pinterest Fun Facts

1. Bennett, Shea. “Amazing Social Media Statistics From Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest And Google+” Media Bistro. 5 June 2013. Web. 22 July 2013. http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/social-media-info_b44459

2. Smith, Craig. “By the Numbers: 14 Amazing Pinterest Stats.” Expanded Ramblings. 14 July 2013. Web. 22 July 2013. http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/pinterest-stats/


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