Gobble Us Up! Heavenly Sweets Cupcakes Debut at the State Fair

indiana-state-fair-2013-logoThe Indiana State Fair is a huge event that comes once a year and lasts about 17 days. In 2012, The State Fair had it’s second lowest attendance in 10 years with an impressive 853,941 attendees.1 Over 15,000 4-H exhibits will be on display,1 as well as concerts, competitions, special days, and food. Ah yes, who could forget the food at the fair.

I get excited this time of year. My family and I have made a tradition of riding the fair train to the Indiana State Fairgrounds and spending an entire day walking around, enjoying the festivities, and eating a TON of food. Its always a challenge to decide what we’re going to have as our “main” meal, but you can be sure that we always get Hot Wisconsin Cheese to start. Our main staple appetizer is eating the gooey Cheddar Nuggets and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and I never forget the marinara sauce. We usually wind up with a milk shake from the Dairy Barn to go. Unless your lactose intolerant, who can pass up the Dairy Barn at the State Fair? As far as food goes there is a ton of options to choose from. Anything from Gyros to Polish Sausages are available, and sweets from deep fried Twinkies to Dippin’ Dots.

Turkey Legs, Ribs, and More

Turkey Legs, Ribs, and More

I don’t think its possible to go to the fair and not smell the sweet smell of BBQ ribs and see turkey legs as big as your arm roasting and dripping with juiciness. Like in years past, Gobble Gobble! will be selling their mouth watering turkey legs and ribs made famous by the Indiana State fair. They now have a food truck that sells their deliciousness all over town, and they cater.

Juicy Turkey Leg prepared by Gobble Gobble

Juicy Turkey Leg prepared by Gobble Gobble

Mrs. Alfie, Owner of Gobble Gobble

Mrs. Alfie, Owner of Gobble Gobble

and a beautiful smile. Her food is even more wonderful then her personality, if you can believe that.

New this year to their State Fair Menu is the Mac Daddy and Heavenly Sweets Cupcakes.

That’s right! While your at the State Fair this year you can stop by and get a tasty, filling dinner and grab dessert all at the same stop. Gobble Gobble will have: White Almond Wedding, Pucker Up, Red Velvet with Attitude, and Chocolate Salted Carmel Cupcakes by Heavenly Sweets.


When you pair up Gobble’s famous turkey legs and ribs and our signature cupcakes BOOM! Your taste buds will never be the same again.



1. Hayden, Maureen. “State Fair Preview: Earlier start to school years may impact attendance. Goshen News. 29 July 2013. Web. 30 July 2013 http://goshennews.com/breakingnews/x541284401/STATE-FAIR-PREVIEW-Earlier-start-to-school-years-may-impact-attendance


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