A Colorful 2014

2013 is coming to a close and the 2014 year is upon us.  As popular in 2013 purples and blacks have seem to take a backseat to more subtle shades in 2014.  We are already seeing trends in our current bookings for colorful wedding cakes and decorations for the upcoming year.

It seems the hottest trends for 2014 is adding personal touches of color liven up your wedding, make a statement, and give flight and fancy to one of the biggest parties of your life .  When choosing a color, think about what speaks to you, but also what the color implies.

What’s hot for 2014?

Color Trend 2014 BluesBluessmooth with ribbon heavenly sweets wedding cakes

shades of blue-green, teal, peacock, turquoise, mint and navy – Blue is often considered a “safe” color, most cultures give blue hues positive. Meaning: Strength, Freedom, Courage, Loyalty, Tradition

Color Trend 2014 GreyGrey

This color is used a lot in rustic, vintage, and modern style weddings, alike. Grey is very versatile, add a warm or cool accent and you have a clean refreshing look. Meaning: Refinement, Elegance, Grace, Mystical

Color Trend 2014 blushBlush, Cream, Ivory, Candle Light, NudeModern Rose

staying with the more traditional ivory, and white trends suggest that brides are adding variations of these colors to make subtle, mono chromatic appeals. Meaning: Romance, Tradition, Nostalgic, Purity, Softness, Cleanliness, Elegance


Color Trend 2014 goldGOLD

positive connotations for this color are not surprising – We are seeing a growing trend for this precious metal color, Terra cotta, and sun shades – warm, yellow undertones. Meaning: Wealth, Prosperity, Excellence, Wisdom, Glamour, Passion


Whatever your color choice is for your upcoming wedding your color scheme has the power to set the the tone and vide for your entire event. It is important to  focus on your color theme early to make sure that everything else obtained for the wedding is well coordinated and makes for a cohesive design.

So how do you choose a color?pantone-books-splayed

1. Start with your favorite shade.  What speaks to you? What makes you feel good? What makes you feel beautiful? You can successfully choose a color and a variation of hues with the right details and accents.

2. Consider your setting.  Look around your reception venue- carpet, drapery, decorations. Choose a color scheme that compliments the facility. Be open minded until you’ve chosen the venue, because the setting may suggest an appropriate scheme.

3. Consider the season.  Be aware of schemes that could indicate or be associated with certain holidays. Complement the foliage and flowers that are naturally available during that time of year. Which leads us into the next helpful hint..

garden_roses_024. Blooms, foliage, and flowers.  It will all come together if you incorporate your flower color by using it as an accent or dominate color.

5. Bridesmaids dresses.  If you want your dominate color to be your bridesmaids dresses make sure it is a flattering color.  You don’t have to appease everyone, but it nice to consider variations of your color to flatter your friends. After all, your pictures will remain for years.http-www_timduncanevents_comfashion-friday-ombre-bridesmaids-gowns

6. Take care with color for your cake.  Brightly colored food is not appealing. Sometimes the dye used to color icing can cause a difference in taste.  Also think about what color your guests mouths and teeth will be if you decide on a dominate color for icing, not to mention when you feed each other your first bite you don’t want to get color that could possibly stain on your beautiful dress.






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