Faceoff Fondant vs. Butter Cream

| Faceoff Fondant vs. Butter Cream |

It’s an age long debate on which is better to ice a cake fondant or butter cream.  Fondant is super easy to mold, but doesn’t taste fantastic.  While butter cream tastes much better it’s messier to handle.

| Have the look and eat it too |

Demask and Quilting Black and White Cake

Bottom Tier: Damask Print in Butter Cream, 4th Tier Quilting with Dragees in Butter Cream

Butter Cream Ruffles

Butter Cream Ruffles
photo by openfieldphotography

At Heavenly Sweets, we have perfected our Signature butter cream frosting and are well known to make it look as smooth as fondant. Our butter cream taste has made people addicted to our sweet treats for decades. 95% of our custom/wedding cakes are iced in a delicious, mouth watering butter cream.  We only use fondant/gum paste for specific decorations that require its use, such as flowers or plaques.  We have specific designs that are gorgeous and amaze our clients that it is created in butter cream like quilting, damask prints, and ruffles.





We also use butter cream on our special occasion cake drawings.  Sometimes, for a more crisp look fondant is needed.

Yellow Submarine Cake 2013

Yellow Submarine created in fondant


Pink Owl Cake

Pink Owl drawn in butter cream with gum paste leaves

| Price Difference |

All custom cakes need to be quoted.  Fondant product is more expensive to purchase and is more time consuming to work with so cost will be higher then butter cream work.

| Terms of Service |

1. Invitation and color match – When sending us an email with color match we are at the mercy of our printer.  We will come as close as possible to the colors that our printer prints out for our decorator to reference.  Please be aware it is possible the color that prints out is not exactly what you had in mind.  If you have an exact color match, it must be brought in to the store and discussed with the decorator in person.

2.  When sending us an invitation to match, the picture may vary due to the style of our artists. We do our best to come as close to the reference you sent as possible, but there is always the chance of it looking  different.

3. Butter cream versus fondant.  When asking for a custom cake quote with picture, we will quote exactly how the picture appears.  We will not substitute fondant work for butter cream drawings. It is our experience when we change the medium (fondant work to butter cream) the design does not turn out as crisp and clean as fondant.

4. We also will not change sizes or remove work from a custom quote picture.  You have an idea of what you want your dream cake to be.  When sizing changes and design changes it no longer is the original picture you have in mind.  In our experience, when that changes the client sometimes can not visualize what the final outcome will be after changes are made.  We want to make sure that you receive the custom order that makes you walk out of our shop with a smile.

These terms of service are used to make sure we provide you with the best customer care and satisfaction.  We definitely do not want to disappoint you in any way and want you to be aware of all possibilities.

| It’s Your Choice |

It’s really your preference on design and taste, but we think you’ll agree that our butter cream tastes 100 times better and is much less expensive then fondant work.  Have a great looking cake with a superior taste by ordering a custome cake from Heavenly Sweets.


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