New Menu for 2014


R.L. Wilson House
R.L. Wilson House

New Menu for 2014

Customizable Menu Options! More Choices!

Heavenly Sweets Owns and Operates the nostalgic R.L. Wilson House

It has taken 3 years to renovate this wonderful home to what we have today. The interior of the home is beautifully decorated with antiques and period furniture. Each room has its own uniqueness and its own name.

strawberry saladThis month we have worked with our chef to provided a new menu for 2014.  The luncheon and shower menu features a plethora of new options that include “Build Your Own Tea,” “Fiesta” Theme, and “Wing It.”  The new menu features customizeable options.  For example,  The Soup and Salad option lets the host choose a soup and salad from an amazing list of 8 different options, as well as choosing a dessert and beverage.  The light shower package option is perfect for a low key, but beautiful event, or to accomodate a specific budget.  bridal shower

The dinner and reception menu is just as costomizeable with a huge selection of entrees, upgrades, and accompiments.  Each dinner options includes hot rolls and butter, a soup or salad to start. Then, choice of entree, starch, vegetable, and beverage.  

“This new menu gives our clients the freedom of creating a menu based on their specific tastes.  We have also added an A La Carte menu that clients can add more food options to their package choice,” says Tanya Marshall, owner of Heavenly Sweets and the R.L. Wilson House.

Karen Piehl, Operations Manager for Heavenly Sweets and The R.L. Wilson House commented, “Planning an event is difficult and stressful.  Not only are there guests lists to worry about and attendees, weather realated issues, and decorations, but food, venue, and budget are hard choices.  The R.L. Wilson House has stream lined packages to make hosting an event with us and planning simple.”

View the New Menus and Options Click Here

Interested in knowing more or need a quote?  Contact Us Today:


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