French Pastries

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French PastryDSC_0203

European Tarts:  A classic 1,2,3 dough ( butter , cane sugar, unbleacjed flour) and a Frangipane filling.  Frangipane is a high quality almond filling.  We can either bake berries inside like a wonderful pie and top with a streusel topping or bake and place the fruit on top that is layed on top of. Swiss Raspberry glaze and sealed with a Swiss Apricot glaze.

The cookies are called Rugelah:  A cream cheese pastry that is similar to a pie crust but lighter and flakey. More flakey than American pie crust.
European sweet treats are typically not as sweet as American treats yet still satisfy that sweet craving. Especially nice after dinner.  Great way to impress your guests at a dinner party.  The tarts are available in a larger size as well or get 2 or 3 of the smaller ones with different flavor combinations.


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